Skincare Secrets Of The Middleton Sisters

By Anonymous

Skincare Secrets Of The Middleton Sisters

One of the reasons we love Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Pippa, is that the two of them respect the Southern tradition of always putting their best face forward. From attending polo matches to making royal appearances to carrying each other’s wedding dresses, the sisters are the center of attention no matter where they go. Luckily, their mother raised them right—there’s never a time that they’re not bringing their beauty A-game. It’s also clear that they understand the importance of quality skincare. Have ya’ll ever seen such glowy complexions? We did some digging to see what products and tricks Kate and Pippa swear by, so you can get princess-worthy skin at home. Sadly, Prince William and Prince Harry aren’t included.

Is $22 all you need to get Duchess Kate’s radiance? It may be. She swears by natural rose hip oil to help reduce the look of wrinkles, fade scars, and help with stretch marks. Her mom is also a fan. As they say, mama always knows best!

Another way to achieve a lit-from-within-glow is through oxygen facial products. Kate’s aesthetician use Karin Herzog’s line that infuses skin with high concentration of oxygen to remove toxins and boost radiance. It’s been reported Herzog’s “Royal Oxygen Regime” is what she used to prep for her wedding day.

The sisters regularly get facials from skin specialist, Deborah Mitchell. Namely, Mitchell’s bee venom treatment that tightens and tones skin, mimicking botox-like results. When Kate and Pippa are too busy to make an appointment, it’s been said they use Mitchell’s at-home line and are fans of the bee venom face mask. 

Flannel is a Southern staple, but did you know it can also double as a washcloth? One of Kate’s go-to makeup artists, Arabella Preston, shared with Marie Claire UK that the Duchess uses flannel to wash her face. It gives pores a deep clean while gently exfoliating at the same time. 

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Another piece of motherly advice from Carole Middleton: Eat an avocado a day. Pippa followed this rule leading up to her wedding since the fruit’s antioxidant-rich vitamin C and E help fight free radicals and boost collagen, and its fatty acids hydrate skin.

Kate and Pippa love a golden glow, but as they’ve gotten older they’ve become diligent about sun protection. Instead of soaking in the sun, they get their bronze from the bottle. Kate regularly indulges in professional St. Tropez’s spray tans while Xen Tan is one of Pippa’s favorite brands.