Dolce & Gabbana Essential Cleansing Oil

By Anonymous

Dolce & Gabbana Essential Cleansing Oil

Gold silk sericin (a protein derived from silkworm cocoons), olive-oil extract, and vitamin B3 (cleanse and moisturize)


It's a clear oil that has a light, perfumy smell. Once you dab it on, you work it into your skin with water until it turns milky, and by then the scent has dissipated.


Because we're lazy. As much as we would love to pretend we're not, there it is. We don't like to do two steps when one works just great. And in this case, washing our face with this cleansing oil has the added bonus of taking off all of our eye makeup (even the waterproof mascara that has gone crunchy on our lashes). And it does it so effectively that we gave up on makeup remover altogether. Plus our skin was so soft and smooth after cleansing, we can also skip out on moisturizer if we feel like it. Truly a lazy girl's dream.