Get In It and Win It: A Guide to Entering Magazine Sweepstakes

By Anonymous

Get In It and Win It: A Guide to Entering Magazine Sweepstakes

Every month, new magazine sweepstakes offer prizes like jewelry and cosmetics, housewares, or vacations. While many magazine sweepstakes can be found on my regular sweepstakes lists, there are far too many to list every month. To check for more sweepstakes you can enter, visit the websites of these popular magazines, which run new giveaways regularly.

Have I overlooked your favorite magazine sweepstakes site? Email me and I'll consider adding it. To qualify, it's got to be a magazine's website which has a dedicated page where you can find their sweepstakes and has sweepstakes running at any given time.

People do win magazine sweepstakes. The prizes offered by magazines like Elle, Redbook, and more really are awarded. In fact, I've won from Woman's Day, Redbook, Jane, and many other magazines throughout my years of entering sweepstakes.

Magazine sweepstakes are generally legitimate, although as with any other big company, it's possible for scammers to misuse their good names. If you ever see sweepstakes claiming to be from a magazine that seems suspicious, read my article about How to Identify Fraudulent Sweepstakes to learn how to investigate it further.

Magazines generally have a huge number of people subscribing to them or reading their articles online. So while people are winning them, so many are entering that it's likely that the people you know are not being chosen as the winners. The odds of winning can be low.

So feel free to enter sweepstakes from the magazines I've listed below. But make sure that your sweepstakes mix includes some giveaways with better odds as well.