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By Anonymous

There are just two things running gloves need to do: keep your hands warm and not make them sweaty. Everything else – reflective patterns, conductive fingertips – means nothing if they can’t pull this off. But it’s not easy to achieve, because gloves that are lightweight and breathable might not be thick enough at the start of a run, while heavier fabrics can make for unpleasantly clammy palms after 20 minutes. Waterproof gloves are most often best avoided, because it’s almost impossible to find ones that are breathable enough that your hands won’t get as wet from sweat as they would have from the rain.

So we set out with a simple mission – find running gloves that keep your hands warm and dry. Here are those gloves.

Gore Wear GTX Infinium Stretch Gloves

The Best Running Gloves | ach

Gore has clearly become obsessed with the phrase “fits like a glove” – this pair have a second-skin style fit that comes from the material being heated and shaped while on an artificial hand. That’s certainly above and beyond what you’d expect and the result is pretty impressive. We found that we didn’t have to take the Infinium gloves off while running at all, because you can manipulate zips and buttons and use your phone easily while wearing them thanks to their close fit, especially around the fingers, as well as the touchscreen-friendly sections.

Buy from Sigma Sports | £40

Odlo Ceramiwarm Gloves Light

The Best Running Gloves | ach

Don’t let the “light” in the name fool you – these are warm enough for winter runs, with Odlo’s Ceramiwarm fabric to keep your hands toasty without straying into the dreaded clammy zone. The tips of the thumbs and index fingers have a coating that means you can still use your phone’s touchscreen, and you can get the gloves in black or blue, which is mildly more exciting than the usual “any colour you want as long as it’s black”.

Buy from Odlo | £30

Under Armour Storm Run Liner Gloves

The Best Running Gloves | ach

These tight-fitting gloves will be all you need for most of the British winter, but should conditions really take a turn for the worse they are also slim enough to slip under another pair. There’s touchscreen-friendly material on the thumbs, and index and middle fingers so you can control your device without exposing your hands to the elements, as well as a soft felt patch for wiping away sweat.

Buy from Under Armour | £26

Kalenji Running Tactile Gloves

The Best Running Gloves | ach

They’re not the warmest gloves on this list but they are by far the cheapest, so any bargain hunters who have no intention of running outside in sub-zero temperatures will be satisfied. The index fingers and thumbs have conductive patches to operate touchscreens, and there are reflective logos on the backs of the gloves.

Buy from Decathlon | £4.99

Proviz Pixelite Performance Running Gloves

The Best Running Gloves | ach

The reflective logo and fabric used on the back of these gloves make them brilliant (quite literally) for night runs when extra visibility is always welcome, but the lightweight, breathable material means they’re just as useful during the day. In fact, even if the Pixelite gloves had no reflective features they’d come highly recommended since they hit the warm-but-not-sweaty sweet spot beautifully.

Buy from Proviz | £32.99

UP Ultimate Gloves

The Best Running Gloves | ach

There’s a truckload of running-friendly features in these gloves, including a soft section for wiping your nose on the hoof and touchpads on the index fingers for using a phone, but it’s the wind-stopping fabric that makes them a standout option. Said fabric resides right in the heart of the Goldilocks warmth/sweat zone, and also has antibacterial properties to stop the gloves becoming troublingly smelly.

Buy on Amazon | From £11