Chrissy Teigen shrieks her way through a terrifying Haunted House experience for The Ellen Show

By Anonymous

Halloween is just around the corner.

And in the lead-up to the spooky event, Chrissy Teigen, 32, embarked on quite the adventure when she took part in a quest to find her way through a haunted house.

The occasion, which was filmed as part of a segment for The Ellen Show, sees the mother-of-two joined by the talk show host's executive producer Andy Lassner, who nervously admits to not being fond of Halloween-themed events. 

Spooky! Chrissy Teigen did her best at keeping her composure as she took part in a haunted house segment for The Ellen Show; seen with executive producer Andy Lassner

Chrissy Teigen shrieks her way through a terrifying Haunted House experience for The Ellen Show

Lassner begins by introducing his 'fellow model' to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Chrissy appears rather confident and even manages to crack a smile as she reassures Andy there was nothing to worry about.

'It's 5 minutes, you're going to be fine,' she said.

Unafraid: The Lip Sync Battle host seemed fairly confident to take on the Halloween challenge

Not too fast: It wasn't long before Chrissy found herself screaming as a masked Halloween character jumps out behind her

Within seconds, a man disguised in his Halloween attire creeps up behind them and jumps in front of their view, causing Chrissy and Andy to scream in fear.

'This is not … you don't do it before,' the producer stressed, clearly agitated by the fact that he hadn't even entered the haunted house and already found himself spooked.

As the duo embarks on their journey through the abandoned building, they are faced to pick a certain door in the hopes that it will lead them to an exit.

'Look for holes, that's always a tell,' Andy nervously says, convinced that he already knew certain ways in which he was going to get spooked.

This is scary! The wife of John Legend seemed to be facing all kinds of regrets as she entered the house and appeared frightened by the spooky interior

Bad idea: The Cravings author had a facial expression for every time she felt scared

'Wait, what are coming out of the holes?' Chrissy responded, to which the producer said: 'I don't know but something can.'

It didn't end up being the holes that would frighten Andy. Instead, a zombie-like figure emerges from a barbed fence while holding a bloody knife to their throat.

Chrissy screams in horror before bursting into laughter and leaning against a wall for support as she attempts to regain her composure.

Andy, on the other hand, complains about the fact that he had just entered the haunted house and was already faced with a frightening ordeal.

Keeping her composure: The two managed to get it together as they continued the trail

Speaking too soon: A lineup of mannequins stood in front of the daring pair with blood flowing down their chest, and neither one of them was too excited about it

Scary encounter: Chrissy ducked after realizing that some of the mannequins were actually real people; she definitely didn't want to be touched by anything or anyone

'You don't start it this early!' he irritatingly lashed out.

Further on, the cookbook author and her companion find themselves in a room full of masked mannequins with blood splattered across their chest.

It was quite a surprise for Chrissy and Andy when they came to the realization that some of the mannequins were actually real people.

The two screech as they hold on to one another.

Protective: At one point, things were becoming too much for Andy, who sought comfort from Chrissy as she stared into the distance for any other zombies

This is an order! Ellen's executive producer continue his line of rants during the segment

While Ellen's producer seems fed up at this point, Chrissy finds herself in such hysterics that she apparently peed on herself.

'I just peed,' the Lip Sync Battle host repeats but Andy seems to ignore the remark as he pushes the brunette deeper into the haunted house and makes her lead the way.

The duo continues their way through the building where they are joined by all kinds of zombies including three masked individuals sporting gas disguises on their heads.

Again! As the supermodel continued her journey through the maze, her patience appeared to decrease, and so did her level of confidence

Get me out! Chrissy gave the impression she couldn't wait to find the final exit door at one point

Their costumes seem puzzling to Andy, who finds himself being more confused than scared at this point.

'What is that?' Teigen questions the 51-year-old.

'It's like a penis,' Andy responds while giving a look of disgust in the direction of the masked characters with unusual shaped obstacles in their mouths.

As Chrissy falls behind on the trail, the Emmy award winner tells the Sports Illustrated star to stay within a reasonable distance so that they wouldn't lose one another in the process of making it to the end.

Finally out: Chrissy and Andy looked relieved upon making it out of the haunted house

Ouch: It seemed that the plenty surprises were beginning to make Chrissy's stomach hurt

Teigen then pulls aside a set of blinds and is relieved to finally be seeing daylight again.

'It's over,' Andy concluded before another masked character jumps out behind them in one final attempt to scare the duo.

And it goes without saying that the two were petrified.