What Brooklyn Decker Does To Stay In Incredible Shape

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What Brooklyn Decker Does To Stay In Incredible Shape

What Brooklyn Decker Does To Stay In Incredible Shape © Tastemade What Brooklyn Decker Does To Stay In Incredible Shape The moment we spotted Brooklyn Decker's handbag, we knew she was one of us. The instant we asked her about it, our suspicions were confirmed: She's our food-loving soulmate. Her purse wasn't the latest Celine or Goyard bag. It wasn't emblazoned with designer logos. It's a sparkly triangle of pizza - and it only set her back $40.

"Isn't it so cool?" she laughs. "I saw it in the kids' section at J.Crew, and I just thought, 'I need a pizza purse. There's a pizza purse staring at me, and it's covered in glitter, and it needs to be on my body.'"

So she bought it, immediately.

"I think it's made for toddlers, but my 30-year-old self is rocking it happily," she says. "If you love pizza like I do, you should find a way to wear it on your body. Adorn yourself with the things you love." 

Since the model, actress, and mom is as food obsessed as we are, we had to take a minute and talk all things culinary - from her favorite snacks to the workout routine that lets her love pizza and stay in her skinny jeans.

"My dad is diabetic, so I grew up in a house where we cut back on sugar, and I got used to it," Decker explains. She eats pretty clean for the most part, using Splenda Naturals to sweeten dishes instead of refined sugar.

She even uses it to make her own pickles and recently partnered with the brand and Tastemade to create a series of videos, including one for her favorite spicy jalapeño margarita. 

"If you're having friends over, you can create a whole mix a couple days before and have it sitting in your fridge," Decker says. "You just add ice and tequila, then you're ready to party." 

Like many celebs, Decker starts her day with protein - the Lone Star way. "I live in Austin, Texas, and I love to start the day with breakfast tacos," she says. "They're not exclusive to Austin, but they're a big Texas thing. I literally flew in this morning and had migas. I was in town for all of 12 hours before I had to fly out again, and I had to have breakfast tacos." 

The easiest way to keep hanger at bay? Keep your (pizza) purse loaded with snacks, so you can have a bite even when you're on the go.

"I love cheese, I always have some kind of granola bar on me, I love nuts - I'm big into those - and I'm really into Noosa yoghurt," she says. "They're like dessert, they're so delicious."

Decker knows people who wake up at 5 a.m. every morning and go for a run. Decker is not one of those people.

"I'm the worst. If I'm super busy, I'll go two weeks without exercising," she admits. "I like to be outside, and I go for walks with friends all the time. I'm constantly mobile. I'd love to work out a few days a week, but that doesn't always happen."

When she does get to it, Decker likes to do a mix of running, lifting weights, and spin classes.

Lunches and dinners are typically dishes like sushi, quinoa bowls, and vegetarian curries. "I had pizza today, but that's not normal," Decker says. "I usually have a vegetable, rice or quinoa-y bowl - a grain bowl, let's call it - because I need something more than a salad."

If she's having people over, she'll skip the elaborate meal and opt for drinks and a massive cheese platter.

"I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, because who has time for that these days?" Decker says. "My husband's a massive meat eater, so we'll do a cheese platter with proscuitto, salami, nuts, and a berry compote."

When it comes to the main course, the couple often goes out to eat.

"Austin's a great food town, so I like to go out and try everything out there," she says. (Mattie's and Uchiko are two favorite spots.)

She'll just throw on her pizza purse - "there's a taco one too," Decker notes - and head out the door. If only that other option came topped with glittery scrambled eggs though.