Technology and the Courier Driver

By Anonymous

New technology is changing the face of courier work in the UK and Europe, offering a smoother, more customer-friendly service – it’s high time to get on board.

From smart phones to GPS tracking systems, technology is revolutionising the way courier work is carried out. But just because the big delivery companies can afford the very latest software, it doesn’t mean the average independent courier needs to be left behind.

By utilising the technology you already have (your smart phone can be your most useful business tool) you can offer the same, if not greater, level of service than the industry’s major players.

Make the Most of Your Smart Phone

Today’s smart phones can be loaded with apps which will not only plan the quickest, most fuel efficient routes for you, estimate accurate delivery times and spot traffic, but also send invoices and track payments. The latest phones are like carrying an office around in your pocket, so make sure you are making the most of the technology you already own.

Download apps specifically designed for courier work and they will streamline your handling system by supplying the documentation you need to provide for customers, accept signatures for proof of delivery and help clients track their goods.

Use Your SatNav to Improve Your Service

SatNavs are another technological advancement that can be a godsend for courier work. From finding the quickest route to allowing you to contact clients with an up-to-date, accurate delivery time, the SatNav – built into many modern vans – can streamline your business and improve the service you offer.

Keep in Touch by Going Hands-Free

Hands-free technology can also help you to stay on the road while taking and making important business calls. Keep in touch with clients while on the road and your service is likely to be rewarded by future courier work.

We often take new advancements for granted, but one we should pay attention to is the financial benefits of fitting a DashCam to your delivery vehicle. It isn’t until you find yourself in a collision situation that you will realise the benefit of having video proof of fault – thereby saving yourself expensive damage claims and insurance premium increases.

It is also a good idea to use the camera on your phone to take pictures of any faults or breakages of any items before you take delivery of them to prove that the damage was not incurred while the item was in your care.

The Increased Use of Power Adapters

Of course, none of these gadgets or technologies would be any use without power. Whether it’s just charging up your smart phone or linking your SatNav to the delivery software on your laptop, phone or notebook, having a USB power port in your van is very important.

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