Target Is Testing Same Day Delivery

By Anonymous

Target Is Testing Same Day Delivery

Target is much-beloved for its inexpensive selection of home goods, but its grocery section never seemed to pick the same following as, say, Trader Joe's or Aldi. Now, the company is attempting to draw customers toward its food offerings with a series of announcements that it will be expanding its delivery service.

Just last week, the company announced that it had hired two new executives who came from General Mills and Walmart to help them make their grocery business more appealing to consumers. At the same time, Target also said that it would begin offering next-day delivery service via a new program called Restock, which will let customers fill up one box with 45 pounds of goods, at a rate of $4.99 per box shipped directly to your door. At the time, TechCrunch reported that Target had also purchased the transportation company Grand Junction, which would help them institute same-day delivery.

"Grand Junction's technology and algorithms will help Target deliver to guests faster and more efficiently," Target's chief supply chain and logistics officer, Arthur Valdez, said in a statement, according to Delish. "This acquisition is part of ongoing efforts to strengthen Target's supply chain to provide greater speed, reliability, and convenience for guests."

Today, Delish reports that Target is already moving to do just that: The company started testing out same day delivery in New York on Monday. The move might be part of a bigger plan to compete with Amazon Prime, which is clearly making its own moves to dominate the food and grocery industry with its acquisition of Whole Foods and its new meal kit service. 

Amazon is facing plenty of pushback from a variety of competitors as it continues to grow. Take Aldi, which is quietly expanding across the United States: The grocery store chain recently partnered with Instacart to launch online grocery delivery, which may also prove to be in direct competition with AmazonFresh. Looks like the good old-fashioned brick and mortar store won’t be going down without a fight.