Vice President Venkaiah Naidu calls on teachers and govt to ‘teach in mother tongue’

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Vice President Venkaiah Naidu calls on teachers and govt to ‘teach in mother tongue’

On Teachers’ Day, Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu asked teachers from across the country as well the government to focus on teaching in their “mother tongues”. “We as Indians always want to speak in English whether we understand it or not. I am not against English, but one learns better when taught in the mother tongue. We teach our children to say mummy. Why can’t we tell them to say ‘amma’, ‘ammi’ or ‘ma’? These words come from within, and not just from the mouth,” said Naidu, addressing teachers during the President’s Award at Vigyan Bhawan. He also asked the central government to take a step towards promoting the mother tongue.

“It is important for people of north India to learn languages of the south, and the people from the southern part of the country should learn Hindi and other Indian languages. This will bring in real integration. Bhasha aur bhawna ek saath chalta hai,” he said. He also called on the government to give due importance to teaching about the country’s heritage, culture as well as values as part of school curriculum. He added that he wants children to be taught that terrorism is a menace.

Calling teachers “Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh”, he asked them to continue to learn and “not just concentrate on earning”. To ensure this learning process, the Ministry of Human Resource and Development Tuesday also launched a new portal called ‘DIKSHA’ — a digital infrastructure for teachers from the time they are students till they retire. Speaking at the event, Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar reminded the 11 lakh unqualified teachers to register and learn through Swayam – an online platform for teachers to get diploma and certificate degrees.

“September 15 is the last day to register. If teachers do not register by then, they will lose their job in 2019,” said Javadekar.
He also asked teachers to follow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision — “Teach to transform, educate to empower and learn to lead.”

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