How to Stop Your Face from Aging Before It's Too Late

By Anonymous

How to Stop Your Face from Aging Before It's Too Late

Ten years from now, you'll be glad you did.

If you want to earn the illustrious adjective "old," you should probably think about working some anti-aging products into your grooming regimen. Then again, you might not want to stick around. After all, the ice caps are melting, Kanye is probably running for president in 2024, and Prince is already soloing in Heaven… so there's a halfway decent argument for pulling your shoot before overpopulation starts WWIII. But keeping your skin as youthful and healthy-looking as possible is never a bad idea, no matter what you're future plans are.

While your pals fall victim to wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines, you can protect that ruddy glow with any (or all) of these products. It'll be a few months before you start seeing results, and the real payoff isn't for years to come. But until then you'll, keep slatherin' on.

The best time to fight aging is overnight: The cells in your body regenerate, working double time to heal any ailments—skin blemishes included. So, apply a nutrient-dense repair cream before bed to magnify the benefits: Brickell’s formula keeps skin hydrated and firm while naturally relaxing the face muscles beneath (preventing the formation of wrinkles) in addition to smoothing the skin (nixing any existing dark spots and wrinkles). It’s lightweight, too, so you can use it as your morning moisturizer for never-ending nourishment.

There are both immediate and everlasting benefits to using an eye cream: You minimize signs of tiredness (like puffiness, dark circles, and dehydration) while also preventing wrinkles and promoting firmness. AHAVA’s eye cream is engineered for use on the ultra-sensitive skin around the eyes, unlike a more universal moisturizer that might hydrate the whole face and neck. Apply it after cleansing, and before moisturizing.

For the acne-prone, SkinCeuticals’ deep-penetrating serum slows sebum production and prevents future breakouts, while also smoothing any stubborn, long-lasting damage. But it’s not just for pimples: A morning application (pre-moisturizer, post cleansing), is also your proactive defense against all signs of aging, and a warrior against existing wear.

If you want a science-backed serum, then find one with peptides: PCA Skin’s serum uses argireline, which helps limit the neurotransmission of muscle-contracting proteins in the face. That’s a complicated way of saying that this “botox in a jar” keeps skin firm by preventing it from folding over while you smile or frown; these are seemingly innocuous behaviors that gradually lead to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. As with any serum, apply this after cleansing, but before moisturizing, allowing it to seep into all three layers of the skin for maximum effectiveness.

Hydration and correction are only two pieces of the skincare puzzle: You also need to cleanse and exfoliate. This daily habit gives you a fresh, neutral canvas for those other two phases. Lab Series’ face wash is part cleanser, part gentle scrub; use it every morning and night to buff away dead skin cells, balance oil levels, and unclog pores. Chase it with a serum, eye cream, and moisturizer (in that order) to stay forever young.

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